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Our SEO analysis tool has been put into service as an advanced version. You can make free and online site analysis by typing your site’s address and seeing your mistakes and deficiencies. Our tool, which scans on-site SEO, lists the parameters determined in line with Google standards by scanning the page and with explanations. You can get your free SEO report right away by reviewing our instructions below.

The analysis performed is an automatic scan. It is recommended that you seek professional support in order not to misinterpret the results. For more contact us.

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What Does the Analysis Tool Control?

Our free SEO report tool examines the on-site configuration of your entered URL. In addition, you can make arrangements on your site by seeing results such as domain analysis and page speed checks. You are in the right place to create a page that search engines trust and can scan comfortably.

What is the Benefit of the Free SEO Report Tool?

Software developers and project owners can sometimes bypass even the simplest SEO criteria. Sometimes these simple mistakes can turn into serious problems and negatively affect the appearance of your site on Google. With this tool that everyone can use easily, you can see the forgotten optimisations on your site and direct your software developers without becoming an SEO expert.

Because it is necessary to first analyze the existing situation and draw up a detailed inventory before considering corrective measures as part of a finely-tuned strategy, Seobi offers a functional tool designed to evaluate your website on the various criteria that determine its visibility on Google. By performing an SEO report with the free tool offered by Seobi, you will have an overview of the possible blockages that hinder the positioning of your website…

Site Analysis and Free SEO Report

The free SEO report tool proposed by Seobi allows you to analyze the content of your website as well as to evaluate its technical aspects. It will check that your pages are properly populated by calculating the ratio text / HTML, but also by checking the hierarchy of your title tags, the “alt” attributes of your images, etc.

The free SEO report tool also allows you to draw up an exhaustive listing of your meta-tags, perform a speed test to identify the slowest loading pages as well as extract the different links (internal and external). The SEO audit report proposed by Seobi also allows you to consult advice about the main vulnerabilities of your website and generate your SEO audit report for free!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the set of techniques that allow you to optimize your website so that it is as visible as possible, at the top of the natural results of search engines. Of course, there is no miracle recipe, but rather a concatenation of several elements that act in synergy to boost the natural referencing of your site: to take care of its content, to be user-friendly, to think about its reputation, to adopt a healthy net linking strategy, etc.

The SEO audit report allows you to evaluate the different quantitative indicators of these structuring elements of your site’s positioning. It is, therefore, an essential practice that conditions all the work downstream, which consists of optimizing the content of your pages to satisfy your customers/readers as well as the search engines, compensating for technical hiccups that impact the user experience or boosting the visibility of your site through targeted and relevant net linking actions.

If Seobi tool allows a free SEO report that will teach you more about the technical aspect and the content of your website, it must imperatively be coupled with the intervention of an SEO consultant who will analyze, interpret and use the results obtained to draw up the actions of a perfectly personalized SEO strategy. More than a simple SEO agency, Seobi is a pool of passionate and experienced talents, perfectly aware of the latest innovations in natural referencing, who will accompany you at each step of the elaboration of your SEO strategy by taking into account your sector of activity, your target market, your values and your strategic objectives. Let’s talk about your project together!

*This tool and its analyses provide an overview of the main criteria taken into account in natural referencing. In any case, these data cannot be considered exhaustive and only the analysis and interpretation by a Seobi consultant will allow to weight and moderate the results obtained. The criteria taken into account in the SEO vary regularly so we disclaim any responsibility if criteria are analyzed by the tool but not taken into account in the SEO.