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Free SEO Report audit tool has been put into service as an advanced version. You can make free and online site analysis by typing the website’s address and see mistakes and deficiencies. Our tool, which scans on-site SEO, lists the parameters determined in line with Google standards by scanning the page and with explanations.

Free SEO Report looks like this

A Free SEO Report Sample
A Free SEO Report Sample

➤ Free SEO report

A quick overview of the optimisation of website

Check any website with the Free SEO Report from SEOBI to find technical errors and problems in on-page optimisation that separate you from the top positions in Google.

Determine SEO score as well as individual scores for the sub-areas meta information, page quality, page structure, linking, server configuration and external factors.

To achieve noticeable results quickly, the prioritised to-do list shows you where you should start with optimisation.

➤ Meta information

Help the search engines

To ensure that search engines interpret a website’s content correctly, you should describe the content in more detail using meta-information.

Our tool reveals errors and problems in the meta information of your website, such as:

✔︎ Meta Titles and Descriptions that are too long or too short for the Google Snippet.
✔︎ Meta tags that hinder the indexing of your website
✔︎ Missing canonical links
✔︎ Inconsistent language specifications
✔︎ Problematic domain names or page URLs

➤ Page quality

Use the full potential of the content

High-quality content is one of the most important ranking factors. To help search engines process the content and assign it to relevant keywords, avoid the following problems:

✔︎ Too little text on a page
✔︎ Duplicate content
✔︎ Outdated page elements, such as framesets
✔︎ Lack of optimisation for mobile devices
✔︎ Images without ALT attributes
✔︎ Advertising that covers the content

Check your website with the Free SEO Report and discover all quality problems that stand in the way of the success of the content!

➤ Page structure and linking

Make it easy for search engines to crawl your website

Search engines prefer optimised websites that are clearly structured and allow fast crawling.

With the Free SEO Report, you can find problems that make it difficult for search engines to crawl your website, such as:

✔︎ H1 headlines that are too short or too long
✔︎ Wrong order of headings or empty *heading tags
✔︎ Internal links with dynamic parameters
✔︎ Multiple anchor texts for internal links
✔︎ An unnatural number of internal or external links

➤ Server configuration

A clean technical setup is a basis for top rankings

An error-free server configuration and a powerful technical setup enable search engines to crawl your website easily and quickly.

The Free SEO Report checks your website for server errors and other technical problems, such as:

✔︎ Incorrectly configured redirect between www and non-www subdomains.
✔︎ Error in the HTTP header
✔︎ Long server response times
✔︎ A high number of CSS and JavaScript files
✔︎ Too large HTML files

➤ External factors

Keep an eye on all ranking factors

Search engine optimisation is not just about optimising the website itself. For long-term SEO success, it is also necessary to monitor external factors that can influence rankings.

With the Free SEO Report you can find out how well the website performs in the following areas:

✔︎ Blacklists: Is the website blacklisted and therefore not shown in the *search results?
✔︎ Backlinks: Backlinks signal to search engines that the site is recommended by other websites and provides high-quality content. Do you have enough backlinks from different sources?
✔︎ Social Media: Is the website shared on social media?

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