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Why your eCommerce store needs SEO more than ever?

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COVID-19 has proven to be one of the greatest challenges we have faced in the last century. As countries scramble to find a solution to stop the spread of the virus, more than half the world’s population is now paralyzed.

Non-essential businesses have closed in various parts of the world. People are confined to their homes. At such a time, shopping and purchasing are not on the minds of many consumers, not to mention that deliveries of most items are interrupted.

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Currently, the data collected shows that online organic traffic and conversions are down for most businesses unless you operate in a core service industry (food, healthcare and media). Does this mean that as an e-commerce business, you should stop investing in SEO for now? We advise you not to. Here’s why.

Competition has never been weaker

As the world grapples with the economic impact of COVID-19 and the containment it has caused, many businesses have experienced a contraction in business. Marketing is no longer a priority for many companies.

If you’re looking at short-term solutions, reducing marketing activities and costs may seem like a good idea. After all, why invest in something if it doesn’t give you an immediate return?

However, the key here is to think long-term instead. Remember, the pandemic isn’t here to stay. We will certainly end it, eventually. And when we do, the demand for non-essential products and the e-commerce sector will peak. It’s much better to prepare for that spike than to focus on the current lack of demand.

Since many businesses are diverting their time and investment from SEO, this is the best time to invest in it. Because it means you’ll get higher rankings, with much less effort and cost. And by ensuring a respectable ranking today, you can guarantee that you’ll be one of the first businesses to top the search engine listings when your target customers are ready to shop.

SEO can be measured

As businesses face significant budget cuts, marketing goals need to change. Rather than increasing awareness or trying to differentiate and position your brand, it’s time to focus solely on consumers who already have a purchase intent. After all, they are the ones most likely to purchase your brand’s products during this time.

You can also prove the success of your investment. How can you do this? By looking at the number of visitors to your websites or sales made. This will help you adjust your budget based on changing consumer behaviour, if necessary. In these uncertain times, responsive marketing that reflects consumer behaviour is the optimal solution.

How can you modify your SEO strategy to match changing consumer behaviour? For example, let’s say analytics tells us that users who search for a given keyword have a higher purchase intent than those who search using other keywords. This information can be used to optimize content with appropriate keywords to ensure higher rankings.

Insufficiency boosts eCommerce sales

So after the coronavirus pandemic, when things get back to normal, it is very likely that demand will outstrip supply. The current reduction in production in the manufacturing sector means that when the need to buy increases, there will not be enough products to go around.

As items become scarcer, consumers will look for alternatives online. Depending on the specialty of your online store, it is likely that you will experience an increase in sales if you optimize your website with the most searched keywords regarding rare products.

Research current trends and forecasts of what might be considered rare items and start working on improving your search engine rankings for topics that affect them.

Be credible, not exploitative

By investing in e-commerce SEO, you can make sure that customers remember your brand. For example, you can start a blog to share your experience with the impact of COVID-19, recent updates you’ve found useful and how to stay safe.

Be sure to quote only credible information. This will help you play your part in keeping the masses safe, while also making subtle branding efforts. Make sure you never use the pandemic as a promotional tool. Don’t be insensitive or exploitative. Instead, make sure you help, and you could see an increase in your website, which could turn into sales once we are back to normal.

In summary, don’t stop your SEO strategy completely. Instead, invest wisely so you can reap the benefits later, after the Covid-19 crisis is over. To invest optimally in e-commerce SEO, contact SEOBI Agency to benefit from tailored and effective eCommerce SEO strategies with promising and proven results.

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