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What is international SEO consulting service?

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international seo consulting service

Many people search what is international SEO consulting service on Google. In times when the world is getting smaller and smaller and the flow of goods is getting shorter and shorter, more and more companies have to act internationally. This can start small in the same domestic language area as the United States, Australia and other countries. And this is where international SEO comes into play.

Optimal positioning of multilingual websites

International SEO is about optimally positioning multilingual websites in their respective countries. Now, in the purely English-speaking world, you might get the idea that everything is in English. Far from it! Also in the English neighbouring countries, there is a different language used for certain terms. And this can be decisive for the success of an international SEO campaign. If you lay the right foundation right from the start, you will have an easier time in the long run and much more success in the short run. As an international SEO consulting service provider based in London, we know what is important for these campaigns. If you would also like to tap into this expert knowledge, then simply contact us without obligation and see for yourself.

Advantages of an international SEO consulting service

To be able to address your customers in non-English speaking countries and to achieve optimal rankings on Google, you need a multilingual website. An international SEO strategy offers you many advantages:

  • You show greatness by clearly communicating to your customers that you are multilingual.
  • Target markets can be addressed individually with the right wording.
  • You can market individual products in the target markets (for example in case of national regulations).
  • You achieve better rankings in the international target regions and thus higher visibility on Google.
  • Optimal visibility supports brand trust in the respective country.
  • Studies show that customers trust a store with the respective country top-level domain more than other domain extensions.
  • As part of an international SEO strategy, you can open up new markets without having to operate local branches.

If you want to benefit from these and even more advantages of international SEO consulting services, SEOBI is your partner. Together with large English corporations and medium-sized companies, we have been able to demonstrate noticeable success in the past.

Managing a multi-regional and multilingual site

Multilingual SEO: These are the essential features

In order to be successfully top-listed on Google in other countries and to generate more sales through optimal ranking, it is important to fulfil several factors. On the one hand, it is necessary to determine the respective terms in the respective country and to communicate them on your website. On the other hand, a technically clean implementation based on an SEO analysis is crucial for the success of your international SEO campaign. In connection with the DDO SEO system of SEOBI, you have the possibility not only to successfully open up new markets. You can even dominate them in the long run.

You are an international company and want to be found online in all countries. You want to reach potential customers via organic search and continuously increase the visibility of your website. SEOBI advises you on the development and implementation of your international SEO strategy and supports you in establishing a global digital presence.

To ensure that the appropriate content of your website is found in the right country, we make sure that all technical requirements are met and that search engines can assign content country-specifically. Together with you, we develop a multi-domain strategy that is tailored to your target markets. Through continuous analyses and post-optimisation, we ensure that the potential of your website is fully exploited. You can then track the success of our measures with the help of reports and dashboards.

Every country has its own characteristics – also in the search behaviour of users – and Google is not the most important search engine everywhere. For this reason, we work with native speakers who carry out targeted content optimisation and select the relevant search terms.

Our services in the field of international SEO consulting:

  • International SEO Strategy
  • Keyword analysis and content analysis (native speakers)
  • Multilingual on page optimisation
  • Technical optimisation
  • Consideration of country and language settings
  • Development of a multi-domain strategy
  • Relaunch support
  • International link management
  • International position reporting

With SEOBI to SEO success

SEOBI has been an expert in search engine optimisation since 2015. For more than 10 years we have been supporting international clients in SEO strategy development, conceptual design, evaluation and optimisation.

International SEO consulting service with an experienced partner: We are there for you

With a strong partner at your side, who supports you comprehensively with international SEO consulting, you can position yourself, your brand, and your products on markets abroad in a targeted manner. With us, you can rely on experience, know-how, creativity, and individual solutions that are tailored precisely to your requirements.

Search engine optimisation is the best way to achieve a strong ranking. However, this path is not always the same: depending on where exactly you want to offer your products or services, the SEO measures must also be precisely tailored to this.

This already starts with the choice of the right keywords: customers in the Netherlands search for your products differently than customers in France. It is therefore not enough to simply translate the French keyword. Rather, separate keyword research must be carried out to identify the most worthwhile search query.

According to the keywords, the content for your website is also adapted to the target region. Language is not the only decisive factor here: the habits and cultural background of your new target group must also be considered.

Finally, international search engine optimisation is of course also different from a technical point of view. It is especially important to realise the different versions of the pages in a Google-compliant way.

We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive information about your options with our services in an initial, non-binding consultation. Contact us!

What is international SEO?

The term “international SEO” refers to the search engine optimisation of a website for different countries. For example, if you need an English-language version of your website to be able to offer products and services in the UK as well, the optimisation of your website must be adapted to this.

Just like national SEO, international search engine optimisation includes the areas of on-page (all adjustments on the website itself) and off-page (all measures that take place outside the website for networking).

However, there are important peculiarities that you must consider with international SEO consulting.

What do you need to consider for international SEO?

In the following, we have compiled the most important questions you need to ask yourself for successful international SEO:

1.Should I do international SEO and work with an international SEO consulting?

Before carrying out an appropriate search engine optimisation, you need to ask yourself: Is there even a market for my products and services abroad? The answer to this question is provided by precise analysis.

Check whether you have a lot of traffic from other countries on your site. This is an important first indicator. You can obtain this data via Google Analytics, for example.

Insofar as you are planning expansion in a specific country, you should of course also carefully check the general situation here. Is there a correspondingly high search volume for relevant keywords? What about competitors?

Only with a precise analysis can you determine whether international SEO is worthwhile for you at all.

How do I realise my website in other languages?

A particularly important point in the context of international search engine optimisation is the technical realisation of a website in different languages or versions.

Basically, there are three possibilities:

  • Top-level domain for each country: With this method, you practically create a separate website for each country, which can then be reached with the corresponding suffix de, ch, nl, fr, etc.
  • Advantages of this strategy are the simple URL structure as well as the exact overview of each individual page. Moreover, in the event of a penalty, only one page is affected, not your entire site.
  • However, there are also disadvantages: You have to implement SEO measures for several domains instead of just one and potentially maintain many websites. If you want your site to appeal equally to customers from all over the world, the many domains may also make it difficult for them or appear confusing.

Subdomains for each country: This variant can be recognised by a prefix, for example, fr.domain.de or nl.domain.de is then in the URL. The advantage here is also the great clarity; the disadvantage is again the fact that SEO measures must be carried out for each individual subdomain.

Subdirectories for each country: If you create subdirectories for the different language versions of your website, it looks like this: domain.de/fr or domain.de/nl. Particularly practical here: All SEO measures that are carried out for the main page also influence the subdirectories. However, this solution also has limitations. For example, the different variants of the website cannot be realised as flexibly as might be necessary depending on the country.

Of course, we can only roughly outline the exact advantages and disadvantages of the individual solutions in this framework. Basically, before realising your website, you should always check exactly which variant is best suited for you – also about the applicable Google guidelines!

We would be happy to help you find out! Contact our SEO experts and let us advise you.

What should my SEO & marketing strategy look like for different countries?

We have already briefly touched on this above: Language is not the only difference between different sales markets. Not only the technical structure of your international websites requires an individual adaptation of the search engine optimisation, but also cultural differences influence your marketing measures.

There are major differences depending on the country, especially in these areas:

  • Keywording: An English keyword cannot simply be translated into another language. In fact, users in different countries search for products or services differently, so individual keyword research is necessary for each language and country.
  • Content: The content of your website conveys your message and must be tailored to your target audience. Using the appropriate language is therefore a matter of course. However, it is also important that you do not save on the wrong end when translating or creating new texts! A poorly written or poorly translated SEO text that is not adapted to the peculiarities of the respective country will not only offend your users, but also Google. In addition, the content must of course also meet the requirements of Google’s ranking criteria.
  • When it comes to content, the following always applies invest in convincing texts, graphics, and videos. Ensure that your message is conveyed correctly with a content marketing strategy geared to the respective country and have content created that not only convinces Google, but also your international readers.
  • Design and user experience: Depending on the country in which you want to be successfully ranked via Google, you should also adapt the design as well as the user experience (UX) to the local trends. How exactly a page should be structured, how the content is read and what conventions there are for navigation, etc., can differ greatly depending on the region. Only with a page that optimally addresses your target group can you be successfully ranked on Google.
  • Off page measures: Google also evaluates websites according to the quality of their backlink network. Depending on the country and language, there are of course very different backlink sources that you should use for the respective homepage.
  • As part of your SEO strategy for international success on Google, you should pay close attention to all these areas and plan how to design each of your web presences.

Instead of hiring an SEO expert in each individual country, you can go straight to an expert for international SEO. This will ensure that not only the technical adjustment but also the content and design of your pages will turn out effectively.

How does international search engine optimisation work?

SEO optimisation for a top ranking on Google proceeds similarly on an international level as it does on a national level. There are three phases in total:

1. Analysis and goal setting

In this phase of Google optimisation, data is used to work out which SEO measures are necessary. This phase varies, of course, depending on whether you already have a web presence in your target country or whether you want to set up a website here first.

If a website already exists for the country in question, it will be carefully checked. Does it comply with Google guidelines or are there problems that need to be fixed? Is there potential that has not yet been exploited? Do we need to create content that pleases users and Google? Has the technical implementation of the international pages been done correctly? These and many other questions must be clarified before optimisation for Google and Co. can start.

If the website for your target country does not yet exist, the analysis deals with the potential of different keywords, technical planning, and all other preparatory steps.

2. Implementation of search engine optimisation

In the second step of optimisation, your website (or websites) will be adapted according to current SEO criteria. Technical, content and design aspects are adjusted to the ranking criteria of Google etc. Building a healthy backlink network is also part of optimisation.

Depending on how your international pages are structured and how many pages are to be optimised, several optimisations may take place at the same time during this phase. Coordinating these centrally is a good idea because this way all work runs efficiently and in case of problems a quick reaction is possible without long coordination between different service providers.

3. Review & post-optimisation

Google guidelines and the web itself are constantly changing. That’s why SEO optimisation is basically never really finished. No matter in which country you want to be successful: To secure your results in the long term, regular review and post-optimisation are indispensable.

International SEO with SEOBI: Benefit from experience, know-how and commitment for your project!

As an online marketing agency, we have already supported numerous partners with our customised concepts for international SEO. With us, you can rely on an experienced expert and benefit from numerous advantages.

Good to know: with international SEO, we are there for you all around!

International SEO is in demand when your products and services are aimed at customers all over the world. However, this does not mean that you must forego local visibility. International SEO can be combined with geographically limited advertising measures to reach your target group even more efficiently via Google.

We support you regionally, nationally, and globally: This means that we always align our SEO services for you precisely to the market you want to conquer. For example, if you operate an English website for international SEO, but also require optimisation of your nationally oriented pages, we can take on both fields.

We advise you comprehensively on an international SEO strategy and a corresponding search engine optimisation of your website. It doesn’t matter if you want to expand your formerly local offer or if you are already represented internationally and need help to make your SEO measures more effective and to shine with a top ranking on Google.

We are there for you all around and support you on the international market with many other online marketing services. From analysis with powerful tools like Google Analytics to content strategy in the right language: we are your contact.

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