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SEO Consulting – Why it is so helpful

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SEO has become very complex. You could deal with the optimisation of your website around the clock. Meanwhile, more and more companies resort to professional SEO consulting. There are countless tips, tricks, and tools to develop online marketing measures. This will improve your website ranking on Google. But between you and me, you have more important things to do than train yourself to be an SEO expert, right? Maybe you have an unerring sense of the right home accessories. Or you can develop apps? So well, that your customers don’t even know what they were doing before without that app! But SEO optimisation?

SEO is always in motion!

SEO, Search Engine Optimisation is always in motion. There are constantly new tricks to achieve a better Google ranking. User behaviour online is changing faster than you can keep up. Faster than you can adapt your online marketing measures. And the more you try to learn all about focus keywords, ranking and content marketing, the more your head spins. You just don’t know where to start with your online marketing concept.

This can lead to you taking pointless SEO measures and losing more and more motivation. Or you even try to take shortcuts, which have disadvantages. Because Google recognizes exactly if your website receives professional SEO or if you commit desperate acts. “Actions” like click-baiting or duplicate content are not only counterproductive for online marketing strategies. They also catch the eye of customers and put the whole company in a bad light.

To lead a website to long-term and sustainable success, the support of an experienced Internet agency, online agency or SEO consulting agency is therefore enormously helpful. Because here sit SEO managers with experience, who spend all day doing SEO online marketing. And they know exactly which steps will help you to reach your goal. Search engine optimisation must be individually adapted to your company, to your target group definition and your target planning. A well-founded consultation about which specific steps are effective saves you time, money, and nerves. And it leads to the fact that the ranking of your website improves in the long term.

What is SEO consulting?

Tips and tricks you can of course read yourself, but this eats up time that you need for your core competencies. After all, SEO online marketing is only a “side effect” for you as an entrepreneur, which brings your entire Internet marketing strategy with it. An SEO consultation gives you breathing space. 

Because if you know the key points you need to work on to optimize your website, you can take sensible shortcuts instead of poking around in the fog. But what exactly happens during SEO consulting with an agency? First, experienced professionals have a completely different view of your website, because where you might get hung up on details, they take an analytical approach and see the big picture.

What does SEO consulting do?

A comprehensive consultation includes many individual points, which only in their entirety lead to success. At the beginning of every good consultation must be a sound analysis of the website.

  • What is the current ranking on Google, what is the Alexa Rank?
  • What is the link structure like? How is the On-Page SEO and what needs to be improved Off-Page SEO?
  • On which keywords were the page optimized so far and was this SEO keyword useful to reach the target audience? Does the keyword research need a new direction?
  • What weaknesses does the page have, have mistaken even been made that are hurting the ranking? Search engines are very sensitive to keyword stuffing, duplicate content, and similar mistakes. So, an analysis of weaknesses is just as important as an analysis of strengths!
  • Online competitor analysis is also an important part of the consultation, as this is the only way you can align your positioning in a hotly contested market even more clearly and optimize the keywords even better.
  • What about the user experience? Does the site offer the user what he expects? Is the technology up to date? How is the website performance? Is the loading time good, the page speed acceptable? Success online also depends on such details, because if visitors immediately bounce back because the usability leaves much to be desired, the best content is of no use!
  • An SEO consultant can also give SEM tips, e.g., Google AdWords advertising. 

What happens next?

Once the current state of the website is analysed, SEO consulting can start to work out an Internet strategy. Because without a long-term strategy with a clear goal, no targeted measures can take place. A search engine optimisation consultation must always be holistic and result in a concept that can be implemented! Of course, this also includes regular monitoring to be able to make corrections or to further expand success. Reporting is a very important aspect for you as an entrepreneur, which offers you control possibilities. Because the final decisions about the success and failure of your search engine optimisation should not be taken out of your hands. A good agency will not talk you into anything, it will show you possibilities and support you in the implementation.

What is the benefit of this advice?

SEO consulting – how it can help you A good SEO consultation brings you of course first more website traffic and thus more customers for your company. Because professional experts for SEO Search Engine Optimisation know exactly what it takes to gain visibility on Google. Marketing can only be successful online if the reach reaches a goal where the spread of the website becomes a matter of course. The ways to achieve this are, of course, through search engines, but also your backlink building and social media marketing. Because all these individual aspects are part of building a worthwhile reach that increases sales.

The independent and professional view of an expert who brings experience is a great help on the way to this reach. After all, especially if you’ve put a lot of heart and effort into creating your website yourself, it’s hard to see its weaknesses. Doing everything yourself also means falling victim to certain operational blindness. The neutral view of a professional helps you to further optimize good content, but also to say goodbye to content that is not efficient.

Through professional support, you receive a guide that helps you to realign your strategy online. Adjusting your marketing strategy and reacting flexibly to trends will be much easier if you can discuss it with a professional. The keyword analysis and the selection of topics for your posts will be a no-brainer if you can follow a clear strategy that adds real value.

Which points are to be considered particularly with SEO agencies?

The selection of a suitable agency is of course not so easy. Agencies, which call themselves specialists for search engine optimisation, shoot like mushrooms from the ground. But how can you tell which one delivers what it promises? To recognize reputable providers, there are a few points to which you can adhere.

Where is the agency located?

What standing does the provider have in the market? Do they have experience in the industry? Giving start-ups a chance is great, but you should then ask whether there is already industry experience. Only those who have already gained experience as SEO consultants can effectively recommend the measures that will bring success. Your company is too important to become a playground for beginners who don’t know the ropes themselves!

Are there visible references for already completed projects?

References are always a good way to assess whether an agency understands search engine optimisation. Some providers want to position themselves particularly broadly to cover as many service areas as possible. However, this also leads to the fact that there are “cabbage and turnip agencies”, which understand a little bit of everything, but do not go into depth when optimizing your website. After all, you are looking for a proven specialist in search engine optimisation to improve your ranking on Google. A provider who “somehow” builds a website will hardly be able to get you to the top of the Search Engine Result Pages, SERP for short. However, a reputable provider is always transparent and allows you to obtain references from other customers. 

What does the agency’s presence on the internet look like?

Your first port of call when looking for search engine optimisation support is, of course, the provider’s website. A good ranking on Google is of course already a guarantee for professional search engine optimisation, but there are other features you should pay attention to. How transparent is the web presence? Are the services presented clearly and understandably? What about the user experience? Do you as a visitor of the site feel well picked up?
What about the website design? The optimisation of a site or a store for search engines and web design are closely related because the design must also be optimized for search engines! If you feel that the website is “kind of so 2014” or teeming with typos and error messages, better leave it alone. Testimonials that are too thick are also a reason to follow up. Get contact persons at the companies mentioned as customers. A reputable agency will be happy to help you and will be pleased about your interest!

What is the focus of the agency?

You know your company best and know what your target group needs. A consultant who works according to a modular system is therefore certainly not the best choice. Marketing according to a formula does not go down well with Google. Ask around in your industry and find out whether entrepreneurs who run a similar business as you can recommend a provider. For example, if you run an online store, you should also find a consultant who has more than one store as a client and has experience optimizing similar stores. For example, if they are all implemented with Magento. If you run an online magazine or entertainment site and you want to increase your reach, your search engine optimisation must also be adapted to this very goal. The more experience an expert has with marketing in your specific industry, the more successful the optimisation will be!

What is the cooperation with an SEO consultancy like and what are the guarantees?

An SEO consultant who promises you that you don’t have to worry about anything will hardly be able to realize your wishes when optimizing your website. After all, your web presence should convey your message and appeal to your customers, not his! It is much more fruitful to work with a fixed contact person who supervises the entire project. When choosing your consultant, make sure that the communication is open, fast and uncomplicated.
Some agencies for SEO consulting offer a blanket guarantee that they will get you on the front page of Google without having analysed your website or store. Of course, such promises sound tempting, but they do not show seriousness. Because without a thorough analysis, no serious consultant with experience will predict what goal you can achieve with your web presence on Google. Despite all the knowledge about the mechanisms of search engines, a serious provider will not give any guarantees about click-through rates and rankings, but rather show what steps he is considering to fully exploit the potential of the site and how long it will take to achieve the set goals.

At what point do you call in an SEO consultancy?

It’s never too late for your business to call in a specialist for SEO consultation for marketing. To rank well on search engines, especially Google, many different aspects need to be considered. These, of course, draw capacity away from day-to-day operations in another area. If you have no experience at all with presenting yourself online and building your web presence into a real customer funnel, you should get help from the beginning. Our SEO consulting is at your disposal. But even if you have already tried many things and are simply not satisfied with the results, a professional SEO consultation can always help you find the sources of error and generate streams of visitors!

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