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Your SEO Consultant Service

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seo consultant service

SEO consultant service with solid advice to better rankings in search engines

As an SEO consultants, we have specialised in

  • SEO STRATEGY – An SEO strategy is based on your individual goals, your offer and your customers.
  • INFORMATION-ARCHITECTURE – An information architecture defines the structure of your website, navigation paths and searches options.
  • SEO ANALYSIS – What is already working well? Where is there still potential for optimisation? This is what an SEO analysis shows
  • OPTIMISATION – Your website will be optimised with the greatest possible effect by me or together with your team.

This is what you get in addition to SEO consultancy service

  1. Local SEO – Perfectly set up Google MyBusiness profile
  2. Optimised texts – Texts optimised for organic search, well researched and tailored to your target group.
  3. SEO workshops – Working meetings to work out topics together
  4. SEO trainings – Internal knowledge building as practical training for you and your team
  5. 3D visualisation – Virtual walk-through 3D visualisation of the premises with Matterport
  6. Web analysis – Set up tracking and measure defined goals of your website
  7. Reporting – Regular reporting of key KPIs and metrics
  8. Website monitoring – Always keep an eye on everything by monitoring website performance

Components of SEO Consultant Service


SEO Strategy & Demand Analysis

In order to be found by search engines like Google, your website has to be built according to the demand of your customers as well as the competitive situation. However, it should also prioritise your company, services and products according to their importance for your business. Our SEO consultant service can help to improve your visibility.

In order for this to succeed, you have to get to grips with your company, your offers and the goals you are pursuing. It is especially important to find out how people search for your products and to inform yourself in advance. These findings are compiled within the framework of demand analysis and an SEO strategy is derived from this.


Information architecture

Bring structure into your (product) information. Your services and products must be structured in the form of a website according to their importance for your company, the demand and the competitive situation on the web. The basis for this is a so-called information architecture that is oriented towards the language of your customers instead of the marketing language. The result of weighted information architecture is, in addition to defined main and subcategories, a clear URL structure, optimised internal linking and, of course, content specifications for pages and texts.


Optimise content

Information, content and product descriptions at the level of the individual pages must be sensibly structured and prepared for searchers and search engines. Simple “web pages” become optimised landing pages for visitors from search engines, with content tailored to their needs. The goal is to create relevant pages and content for your customers. SEO “translates” your offer into the language of the searcher and creates pages needed by the customer in Spe, which pick them up exactly at their problem or information need and lead them to your offer. Each page is structurally optimised so that Google also understands what you want to be found for.


Your presence in search engines

Search results (so-called snippets) are your business card in the search engine. This is where the first contact between you and a potential customer takes place. Everyone knows how important a good first impression is. Accordingly, you should take the design of this meta-information seriously. To make sure that the first contact is successful, we expand your website with structured data that form the basis of the rich snippets and draw even more attention to you and your site. Especially during this first contact, it is important to clearly communicate what you offer and what your website is about. This is done with a Title & Description optimisation of your most important pages.


SEO Analysis

The aim of an analysis or SEO audit is to find an overview of all current IT errors and possible levers for optimising your website. Strengths & weaknesses of the already existing website are processed and the results are scrutinised. Are you reaching your customers with your content? Why do pages not rank as you would like them to? An SEO analysis provides answers to these and other questions. Depending on the size and complexity of the website, the effort involved will of course vary. As a result, you will receive concrete measures for revising the website, understandable instructions for correcting errors that torpedo your SEO measures or ideas for optimisation and further content expansion of the website. We will be happy to discuss and explain all the results to you and your team in a joint workshop.

Our work as an SEO consultants

We have been working in search engine optimisation since 2010 as SEO consultant service. In these almost 10 years, We have analysed and optimised hundreds of websites as well as developed, accompanied or independently implemented dozens of online strategies. We have seen that until 5 years ago you could still celebrate short successes with SPAM and manipulation. For long-term success on the web today, however, you have to rely consistently on good content.

My way of working is therefore like the standard of a consultation: transparent, honest, fair and always in the best interest of my clients.

All measures are based on recognised methods of information retrieval, proven and successful best practices for SEO and UX and are also always implemented within the quality standards and guidelines of search engines such as Google or Bing. To this end, I voluntarily adhere to the Code of Ethics of search engine optimisation and therefore do not offer active link building, preferring instead to develop strategies for link learning.

SEO needs trust

In parts of the SEO industry, quick successes are often promised,

which are supposed to be achieved with little work, resourceful tricks, automated tools or manipulation. If SEO successes are achieved at all, they usually don’t last very long. In the worst case, very real financial losses occur, which are added to the costs of bad advice.

Of course, we cannot offer a guarantee of success, but we can offer honest cooperation at eye level. SEO is a permanent process that not only takes some time but of course, also requires work. However, if you take this into account, you have a very good chance of sustainable success in search engines, without any risky manipulations.

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