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Is SEO that essential? Advantages and Disadvantages

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The algorithms used by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo…) consider over 200 search engine optimisation criteria. Most of these are directly related to the content, architecture and internal and external links of the site. In order to improve its referencing and develop its activities on the web, any company should implement a global strategy of visibility improvement and traffic acquisition. This would go through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), a technique for optimising a website through natural SEO techniques. But what about it?

Some advantages of SEO

SEO allows you to permanently benefit from targeted and free traffic

It can help you take your share of this targeted and free traffic. You won’t need to pay ads (Google Adwords) to get traffic. The only counterpart remains the payment of the service of the SEO referred. The latter justifies his rate by the time and the amount spent for the optimisation of the website.

The traffic generated by the SEO can be converted into

According to the famous site The Search Engine Journal, SEO generates up to 14.6% conversion of Internet users into customers. If someone comes to your site by searching Google, they will not only find an instant answer to their question but also the product or service that can solve their problem.

SEO helps increase your revenue

SEO techniques are often considered essential for obtaining an excellent position in search engines, an excellent online presence, and the long-term increase of your company’s visibility on the Internet.

Some disadvantages of SEO

Results will not be immediate

To generate remarkable results, it will take several weeks of patience. The delay may be shorter if you discover a niche area. Having your efforts considered by search engines involves indexing your content and links, which can take several days. So don’t lose hope in the first few weeks, because the road to a return on investment is long and tedious.

SEO does not guarantee first place

Over 75% of Internet users are satisfied with the results that appear on Google’s first search page. By using SEO techniques for the referencing of your site, you can appear on the first page today and on the second or third page tomorrow. There is no guarantee that you will maintain your position forever.

There is no way to control the amount of traffic and avoid being penalised.

A small update from Google or Bing can change everything overnight. You can’t control how much traffic your site will generate. The SEO strategy may not work in the long run, and you may be penalised as soon as a new algorithm appears.

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