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7 ways to improve your SEO

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an important part of running an online business. It affects your positions in a search engine like Google, your online reputation on the Internet and how many people visit your site. This is one reason why we invest a lot of time in developing a good long-term SEO strategy. SEO is quite complex at the moment so we recommend hiring an SEO agency. To get you started, we have 7 ways to improve your SEO.

1. Do a keyword research

Keywords are search terms that people use to search for a site, so think about what word, phrase or question people might use to find your site, product or service and then choose which ones to target. The keywords found can help with content writing and internal links. Make sure your keywords correspond to the website and that they are relevant.

2. Only relevant and unique content

Search engines are smarter than you think. They can easily find duplicate or similar content. Make sure you use your knowledge and creativity in coming up with original content for your site and all the articles you plan to write. Don’t forget to keep your content up to date.

3. No ‘Black hat’ SEO

Black hat SEO is not following Google’s guidelines and using the wrong techniques, you will end up getting penalised. A common “technique” is over-optimisation, your keyword appears too often in too many places in your content or website. You should also not copy content from another website. Google can penalise you and even remove you from the search results. Our advice: don’t be tempted and don’t be impatient.

4. Google Analytics and Search Console

Use these free tools to analyse your website. With Google Analytics you can see how visitors land organically on your site, how much time they spend on a page and your website, how many pages they view and much more. With Search Console you can also see the performance of your pages and your average positions.

5. Social Media

When you are doing SEO it is also important that you develop all your social business pages, like Facebook, Twitter, Google my Business and LinkedIn and they support your total online authority with a good website gets visitors in many ways and not only through Google and that ensures higher positions.

6. Patience and consistency

Be patient and consistent with your efforts to improve your SEO. Your site will not rank high in the search engines just once. You will have to work regularly on writing pages, blogs and exchanging links, this increases the online authority of your website. You need patience if you want to succeed in SEO for your site.

7. Meta tags

Using the meta tag on your website is another way to improve your SEO performance. It is a basic SEO requirement that needs to be in order. A well-written relevant Google snippet is adopted one-to-one by the search engines and displayed on the results page. If you have also written a good meta description, it is the way to attract potential visitors to visit your site.


Search engine optimisation is a must for every website owner. If you use the above tips, you are taking a good step in the right direction. Do you need help with the SEO optimisation of your website? Contact our SEO specialists.

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