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How to boost the e-commerce conversion rate?

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Increasing the conversion rate is one of the main objectives of any online store owner, converting visitors into customers is a difficult, but not impossible task: customer reviews are a good way to succeed in increasing sales.

It is said that the best advertising is the one that is transmitted by word of mouth, that’s why e-merchants need to make the buying experience as positive as possible. When this goal is achieved, it translates into positive opinions and reviews on the product page or social networks.

Proven increase in e-commerce sales thanks to reviews

If we look at studies on the importance of customer reviews, they show that 88% of consumers consult online reviews before making a purchase. This is a significant figure, and companies like Amazon know this very well. Without a doubt, one of the successes of this company is the fact that all these product pages are full of reviews. Users go directly to these reviews to get the exact opinion on the products. If the reviews are positive, then the intention to buy increases considerably.

The market is becoming more and more competitive, and customers are now much more aware and demanding. That is why, before making a purchase decision, they prefer to check the opinions of other customers to make sure.

Customers trust evaluations in the same way they trust personal recommendations, so they are much more likely to buy from a company when they have that reassuring recommendation from others.

Customer Reviews: A Valuable Source of Information for a Business

One thing to keep in mind is that not all customers will leave positive comments. While no one likes to receive criticism, it can be a great opportunity to identify problems in your organization or to contact a customer who has had a negative experience. Reviews provide valuable feedback that can help your organization identify and resolve problems and improve the customer experience in the future.

By showing that your company responds to every review submitted, you demonstrate your desire to put customer satisfaction at the heart of your values. It is normal to have a few negative reviews and it has been proven that this reinforces confidence in a website and the credibility given by consumers. The e-commerce conversion rate would increase by 67% if the company responded and provided a solution to the presence of a negative comment (Reevo study).

Integrate a professional solution for collecting reviews in its store

Allowing your customers to leave opinions establishes a direct relationship and conversation between them and the brand, so they feel more engaged with the business and are more likely to remain loyal in the future.

When this loyalty is evident in online reviews, customers become ambassadors for your brand.

Social Proof Marketing, as it is called, encourages new customers and snowballs: the more customers the company gains, the more reviews it can generate, etc.

To do this, you need to turn to professional solutions such as the Société des Avis Garantis, which offers modules compatible with Woocommerce, Prestashop and Magento. Thanks to these modules, the reviews will be displayed on each product page.

Besides, the solution will bring you advantages that will considerably increase your online sales:

  • Get stars in Google’s results (based on reviews). This increases the click rate on your site within the search engine.
  • Display reviews on each of the products sold but also an overall evaluation of your online store.
  • Display a clickable seal of confidence that will reassure Internet users of your reliability.
  • Get a dedicated page (called a certificate of trust) that displays all your opinions and information about your company.

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