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Our story

Seobi is a group of independent digital marketing experts that aims to provide honest, transparent and affordable marketing services.

We started the business as independent digital marketing experts serving companies in different sectors and people who do their own business. We did successful projects and made happy clients. In 2018, our customers and their digital marketing demands pushed us to transform from freelancers into a professional business, and we founded Seobi.

At Seobi, each of us has since grown into a diverse group of digital experts who have their own passion and expertise, but all with a vision that subtly puts our clients first with bolder, bigger and more memorable experiences.

Seobi not only offers high-quality services but is also budget-friendly. We have a grand passion for digital marketing, SEO and email marketing as former freelancers. That’s why we hiss ourselves dynamic, open-minded and open to criticism. But definitely more professionally.

Secret of our success

The secret to our success is effective communication with our clients. We always try to internalise your business and believe that only this way we can make your business perfect.

Transparent: We maintain all stages of our services under the principle of transparency and honesty.

Result-oriented: We offer result-oriented solutions. We guarantee you offer nothing you don’t need.

Communicative: We always care about customer satisfaction. That’s why we try to serve the best communication.

Budget-friendly: We know how hard your job is. In this context, we are committed to providing you with the most cost-effective service.

secret of our success