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Launches, strategies and international SEO campaigns. Extensive experience in international SEO positioning in different countries around the world… Reach more potential people for your business local or global markets with our international SEO consultant service. The world is in your hand.

Our international SEO consultant service.

We provide an all-in-one international SEO consulting and email marketing service to deliver a remarkable customer experience. SEOBI is an official HubSpot Inbound Marketing Solution Provider which provides world-class business proof for our clients.

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What is International SEO positioning?

International SEO is the set of strategies that are carried out to position a website in different countries; its function is to translate the content and keywords, to have an impact outside the country of origin.

Translation and cultural adaptation of content are some of the most critical aspects that must be addressed to achieve greater visibility in search engines; therefore, it is important that this work is done by a specialized SEO agency, such as SEO Engineer.

International SEO process

  1. Detecting needs – sometimes we have an imperative business need to internationalize or simply translate the website into another language.
  1. Detect opportunities – we can find markets of interest, and internationalization opportunities, to achieve greater business efficiency and sell more.
  1. Target audience – we can work with multilingual, multiregional or both architectures depending on the target audience you want to get more visibility.
  1. Domain, subdomain or folder extensions – it is important to choose appropriately based on our interests among these 3 options. For example, create new international domains (.com, .net or .org, for example) as well as regional ones (.es in Spain, .fr in France or .cn in China, among others) to try to achieve greater visibility in the country. But this does not necessarily have to be the best option for your business in terms of SEO.
  1. URL definition – the information architecture and the structure of the URLs will help us to shape our project in each language.
  1. Translation – we must try to use a natural language in each corresponding language, taking into account the basic SEO recommendations.
  1. International keyword research – it is important to find out how people search in each language and in each corresponding country, which will help us to better optimize the content and align it with the business.
  1. Content adapted to your new audience – the content of each product must be adapted and oriented to your new users; each target audience needs its own personalization.
  1. International Off-Page SEO Strategy – planning, strategy, search and cleaning of spam, negotiations… for each of the languages we want to promote.

Advantages of an international SEO consultant

Here are some of the main advantages of betting on the launch of international versions of your website:

  • Focusing the website with the right Keywords: in this way, you get to attract international quality traffic from the main Internet search engines.
  • Correct multi-language structure of your website: the architecture of the different versions of your website does not compete with each other, each one is designed for a specific language or market.
  • Correct indexing of content in different languages: customization by language does not affect indexability or cause duplicate content.
  • Taking advantage of geolocation factors: the extension of the domain or geolocation gives greater popularity to the website.

Common international SEO mistakes

When launching an international version of your website it is very common to make mistakes; here are the most common ones:

  • Use of automatic translators.
  • Not changing the URL to other languages.
  • Not indexing translations.
  • Ignoring the most used search engines in other countries.
  • Not paying attention to local competition.
  • Not linking pages in different languages to each other.
  • Misusing canonical and Hreflang tags.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do international SEO?

SEO focuses on the search engines of a certain country; even if you get a good position in Google in Spain, it does not mean that your website is positioned in the rest of the countries.

  • What is the objective of a web internationalization strategy?

The objective of an international SEO strategy is to improve the efficiency of the business and sell more in the different countries where we focus.

  • Why hire an SEO consultant to launch your international website?

We help you to achieve international visibility and sell in new markets.

You concentrate on your business, we do the rest.

More than ten years of experience in inbound marketing, marketing automation, international SEO consulting, eCommerce SEO, email marketing and more. As international SEO consultants, we work closely with our clients to gain solid results from their digital marketing investment.

Philip Emsley
CEO at PE Energy
Bristol, UK

“Bora has been excellent from start to finish. All tasks were completed successfully and additional tasks identified by Bora which made a big difference to our MailerLite email campaign. I would have no hesitation in hiring Bora again for the next project.

Aydın Sun
CEO at Faselis Growth
California, USA

Bora is talented, with excellent international SEO knowledge and communication skills. He completed the job in a very short time and guide us for future needs. We will continue to work as a consultant with him.

Alana Slater
Executive Assistant at Maslife
London, UK

Great communication, skill and efficiency! Thank you Bora, would definitely work with him again in the future.

Diverse industries. Common challenges.

We aim to keep our business with fewer clients and more long-term work. This is the key to the success of our works. International SEO needs a dedicated, ethical and focused approach because building trust and sustainable success are too important to provide high-quality results.

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Our priority is your success.

Our experienced team have a %100 satisfaction and success score for international SEO consulting on Upwork. Our business approach builds long-term customer satisfaction. This is our priority.

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